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Landscape Photography Shop Opens Online Studio

Landscape Photography Shop Opens Online Studio (via SBWire) Offering Large Triptych Photographs For Homes and Businesses Falls Church, VA — (SBWIRE) — 03/11/2013 — Landscape Photography Shop ( announces the opening of its online photography studio, featuring large three panel triptych photographs. According to spokesperson… Recommended ReadingCreativitySchools Kill Creativity says Ken Robinson.How to Stimulate the […]

Creative Process of ‘Looper Director’ Rian Johnson

Creative Process of Rian Johnson Film Director Rian Johnson discusses his creative process for the film Looper. 'Looper' Director Rian Johnson Discusses Creative Process … scottfeinberg.com11/27/12 They say the third time's the charm, and that appears to be the case for writer-director Rian Johnson. Recommended ReadingCreativityA Choreographer’s Creative ProcessThe Creative Process By Ron DawsonIra Glass […]

A Choreographer’s Creative Process

Wayne McGregor: A choreographer’s Creative Process Choreographer Wayne McGregor discusses his creative process and the language of body movement. This talk was presented at a TED conference. Wayne McGregor: A choreographer's creative process in real time … www.ted.com9/14/12 TED Talks We all use our body on a daily basis, and yet few of us think […]

The Creative Process By Ron Dawson

The Creative Process from Ron Dawson on Vimeo. In This short by Ron Dawson, Musicians,Artists and Film makers discuss their creative process. A very nice insightful look. Recommended ReadingCreativityCreative Process of ‘Looper Director’ Rian JohnsonA Choreographer’s Creative ProcessIra Glass on Storytelling

Ira Glass on Storytelling

In these four short videos Ira Glass of NPR’s “This American Life” talks about what makes a great story. But more importantly he talks about his development as a story-teller. Ira speaks of the years of trial and error and development that went into his becoming the great story-teller he is today. Ira Glass on […]

Bill Evans on the Creative Process

These three videos were extracted from the movie “the Universal Mind of Bill Evans – Creative Process and self-teaching”. It’s a great glimpse into the mind of one of the greatest Jazz piano players of all time. Evans discusses his thoughts on improvising over various song frameworks and the creative process in music. These are […]

Cultivating Genius in the 21st Century

Why do so many geniuses hit the mark at the same time? Why does genius grow in clusters? Does immigration and education create genius? History has the answers. A nice article by Jonah Lehrer. T. S. Eliot once remarked, “the great ages did not contain more talent. They wasted less.” Cultivating Genius in the 21st […]

Bruce Springsteen discusses his musical roots and influences.

This is the keynote address Bruce Springsteen gives at the 2012 SXSW conference in Austin, Texas. Bruce talks very humbly about his musical roots and influences, giving song examples and comparisons of his original music to other artist. Brings to mind Kirby Ferguson’s “Everything is a Remix“. Very honest and humble. A glimpse into the […]

Creativity Meets Math

Creativity meets Math at Fondation Cartier in Paris in the most basic sense. Artist display work containing math theorems and proofs. Creativity Meets Math at Fondation Cartier in Paris – intransit.blogs.nytimes.com1/2/12 The Fondation Cartier has taken on topics that go beyond what is considered museum-worthy. Its current exhibition tackles an equally unlikely subject for […]

Neuroscientists Creating Art – by Douglas Eby

Neuroscientists Creating Art | The Creative Mind blogs.psychcentral.com3/6/12 Exploring the intricate landscapes of neuroanatomy has inspired a number of scientists to create visual art. Recommended ReadingCreativityThe Creative Process By Ron DawsonIra Glass on StorytellingCultivating Genius in the 21st Century