Philip Glass, A Creativity conversation at Emory.

One of the many things I liked about this clip is that Glass talks about not remembering writing his pieces. He discusses how It takes great amounts of focus and concentration to create, so much so that it’s not possible to live outside yourself at the moment or to take note of the creative process. He also discusses how through his career he has always put himself in different creative situations with different artist. This has always worked as a catalyst for his creativity. I really enjoyed the range of topics.

Composer Philip Glass talks with with Emory’s Rosemary Magee in a Creativity Conversation (January 26, 2009) while he was in Atlanta for the local premiere of his opera “Akhnaten”. The conversation addresses some of the following topics: (1) hearing his music in new settings and places, (2) what his operas say about himself, (3) outside influences on his work, (4) collaboration, (5) the origins of his opera “Akhnaten,” (6) the role of the audience, (7) the structure of time in art, (8) the creative process, (9) on making mistakes, (10) on teaching creativity, and (11) the experience of time (12) orchestral rock

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