The Creative Process By Ron Dawson

The Creative Process from Ron Dawson on Vimeo. In This short by Ron Dawson, Musicians,Artists and Film makers discuss their creative process. A very nice insightful look. Recommended ReadingCreativityCreative Process of ‘Looper Director’ Rian JohnsonA Choreographer’s Creative ProcessIra Glass on Storytelling

Neuroscientists Creating Art – by Douglas Eby

Neuroscientists Creating Art | The Creative Mind blogs.psychcentral.com3/6/12 Exploring the intricate landscapes of neuroanatomy has inspired a number of scientists to create visual art. Recommended ReadingCreativityThe Creative Process By Ron DawsonIra Glass on StorytellingCultivating Genius in the 21st Century


A Friday Manifesto on the Creative Process. ~ Kathy McCullough … www.elephantjournal.com3/9/12 However, the creative process often involves more sweat and effort than we bargain for. Joseph Campbell tells us to “follow [our] bliss,” but more often than not that heap of happiness is one illusive devil. He plays a game of … Recommended ReadingCreativityCreative […]

“Mathematics links Art and Science in one great enterprise, the human attempt to make sense of the universe.”

This article appeared in the January 2010 American Mathematical Society newsletter. Below each topic paragraph I have provided a link to each full length article. Creativity in mathematics Providence, RI—“Mathematics links Art and Science in one great enterprise, the human attempt to make sense of the universe.” So writes Abel Prizewinner and Fields Medalist Sir […]

Hello and Welcome to Arts Anatomy

Hello and welcome to Arts Anatomy. The purpose of this blog is to create a collection of videos and articles about creativity and the creative process. There is a wide variety of categories because I believe the creative process is present in all aspects of life. This blog does not pretend to be an authority […]